Lizzo’s most iconic moments with Sasha Flute

Written by: Ben Owusu

We’ve pretty much hit the tail end of 2019 and if in that time you haven’t heard of Lizzo then clearly you’re living under a rock. Born Melissa Vivianne Jefferson, the 31-year-old literally has the world at her feet and she’s not slowing down for anyone. In June, Lizzo released her critically-acclaimed second studio album ‘Cuz I Love You’ featuring tracks including ‘Juice’, ‘Truth Hurts’ and ‘Good As Hell.’

A multi-talented artist with so much to offer – soulful vocals, visionary songwriting, flawless bars for days, acting chops and something else you might not be aware of – badass flute solos, Lizzo is a perfect example of exactly what pop music and the whole damn world needs more of right now.

From the age of 10 up until she graduated from high school, Lizzo was classically trained by renowned flautist Claudia Momen and joined her high school marching band at the same high school that Beyonce attended in Houston, Texas. To this day, Lizzo continues to bless us with the brilliance of her partner-in-crime Sasha Flute and together they make an exceptionally great team. Sasha even has her own Instagram account with over 290k followers, very impressive.

We’ve compiled six of our favourite Lizzo and Sasha Flute moments so you didn’t have to. Strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.


In October 2018, Lizzo posted a video on Twitter account of her playing a rework of Kendrick Lamar and Travis Scott’s ‘Big Shot.’ Up on stage, she’s absolutely killing it with her quick tempo and intensity before letting out a huge “BITCH!”, then casually continues her quickfire trills, ending it by doing the viral “Shoot!” dance with her backup dancers. Iconic.

2. Early Days

Lizzo’s earliest video of her playing the flute was all the way back in March 2017 when she covered Future’s 2017 hit ‘Mask Off’ in the comfort of her bathroom. The video was inspired by fellow flute player @BonafideTye after she went viral on Twitter covering the track which was produced by FOMO alumni Metro Boomin.


Lizzo? Sasha? A group of backup dancers all hanging out backstage? It’s bound to be a party. It was a hyped jam session backstage with everyone having the time of their lives. There’s cheering, energy and a whole lot of twerking but it wasn’t until the end where Sasha met her untimely passing.

4. Jazzin’ It Up
It’s been 15 years since we saw the legendary Ron Burgundy send Tino’s Club into a frenzy with his exceptional jazz flute skills and we didn’t think we’d ever see anyone iconic do the same. Fast forward to now and Lizzo’s created her own hilarious rendition of the iconic film scene, in the appropriately named “Lizzo’s” with Este Haim also making an impressive cameo appearance.

5. Putting the haters in their place

Back in November 2018, there were people who seemed to be skeptical of Lizzo’s talents as a flautist and that her iconic videos were fabricated. As for Lizzo, she responded in the most Lizzo way possible. Saying “I just really think that that’s a sign that I’m finally popping! I’m going to celebrate by actually putting my flute together and actually blowing notes out of it, so you hoes can shut the fuck up.” Well said Liz!

6. That Night At The BET Awards

There’s no way we can ever forget this one. The huge cake installation. The glasses. The twerking. The self-proclaimed ‘America’s next bop star’ absolutely wowed the crowd at this years BET Awards in Los Angeles. With her backup dancers dressed in a wedding dresses, the 31-year-old performed her hit single ‘Truth Hurts’ which had sister duo Chloe x Halle grooving and Rihanna on her feet and applauding. Also Lizzo literally did the unthinkable, twerking and playing the flute simultaneously.

It won’t be long until Lizzo lands down under. You’ll be able to catch her ONLY at #FOMO2020

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