Sydney FAQ


Sydney FOMO Festival Date?

Saturday 12th January 2019, 11am – 11pm

Sydney FOMO Festival Location?

The Crescent, Byrnes Avenue, Parramatta Park NSW


How do I get there?

There is no parking on site at Parramatta Park, and very limited parking around the venue, so we strongly recommend the use of public transport to get to FOMO.


Parramatta Park is a short walk from both Parramatta and Westmead train stations. Refer to Transport NSW to plan your trip.


Parramatta Park is a short walk from the Charles Street wharf along pleasant riverside walking paths. Refer to Transport NSW to plan your trip.


The Parramatta bus terminal is located next to the Parramatta train station in Darcy and Argyle Streets. Refer to Transport NSW to plan your trip.

By Car, Uber or Taxi

Parramatta Park will be closed to all vehicles. The below designated DROP OFF and PICK UP Zones will be in operation for those getting a taxi/uber/lift to or from the event.



PLEASE NOTE: After the event, there will be a policed temporary road closure on Pitt St, Macquarie St and O’Connell St to allow our patrons to safely exit Parramatta Park. This will be in operation from 10.45pm until 11.30pm.

Vehicles will be unable to access Pitt, Macquarie or O'Connell Streets during this time so please expect some vehicle delays. We strongly recommend the use of public transport to get to and from FOMO.

Secure Car Parking

There is no parking on site at Parramatta Park so we strongly recommend the use of public transport. For parking outside of the park, you can use this handy interactive map made by local council to find the nearest options.


Can I still buy a ticket?

Yes, you can still purchase a ticket to FOMO Sydney. Head to for the last remaining tickets.

Will tickets be available at the gate on the day?

Yes - there will be tickets available at the gate on the day until 8pm.

Do I have to print out my ticket?

No, tickets can be scanned from your phone.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

Hard copy tickets cannot be replaced if lost, so please treat them like cash.Tickets purchased online via Eventbrite will be delivered in the form of a bar-coded print-at-home PDF ticket, or a bar-coded Passbook e-ticket (electronic ticket on a mobile device).

Tickets purchased from Eventbrite

If you are having an issue with your ticket purchased online, please contact Eventbrite by emailing

Tickets purchased from Ticketbooth

If you are having an issue with your ticket purchased online, please contact Ticketbooth by contacting 1300 762 344 or click here (hyperlink: for Ticketbooth Help/FAQs.

Does the name on my ticket have to match my ID?

Yes - the name on your FOMO ticket must match your photo ID to gain entry to the festival.All ticket support queries such as purchasing issues, reissue requests, and name changes need to be directed to   

FOMO will continue to support music charity Heaps Decent alongside a new partnership with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, donating one dollar for every online ticket sold to their powerful causes. Heaps Decent have worked with young people across Australia’s metropolitan, regional and remote areas, providing quality music and art workshops to build positive stories, connections and community engagement through music production, recording and multimedia visual arts. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre works tirelessly to provide aid and advocacy for refugees and people seeking asylum, maximising their wellbeing through food, education, healthcare, housing and employment support. As an independent human rights organisation, they also provide legal aid and advocate for social change.

For all Terms & Conditions of Sale, click here



FOMO Sydney is an 18+ event.All patrons must present a valid photo ID that matches the name on their ticket to enter FOMO Sydney.Entry to the event is restricted to over-18s by requiring Proof-of-Age identification.

Identification includes:

  • NSW RMS Photo Card, (or interstate equivalent)
  • NSW Photo Card (or interstate government issued equivalent)
  • current Australian photo driver’s licence
  • current International Drivers Licence or a current passport

Anyone who fails to present an Accepted ID upon entry will not be allowed into FOMO Festival.

No refunds will be processed for anyone who is denied entry because they did not bring Accepted ID. Terms & Conditions of Entry and Ticketing Terms & Conditions apply to everyone attending FOMO Sydney.


If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will be refused entry.

Forget about trying to fence jump or sneak into the festival – the fence is patrolled by dedicated security guards and police will be onsite to deal with any offenders.Trespass charges may result in a criminal conviction which will be on your record for life, so don’t risk it.

Will I be searched?

All bags will be searched. A personal safety and security search is a condition of entry. Security wanding may occur at FOMO. Prohibited items can be deposited at the cloakroom. Illegal items will be reported and you will be handed over to the Police. Any person not compliant will be refused entry or removed from the event without refund.

Are there ATMs on site?

Yes, there will be ATMs on site and PayPass facilities at bars, however, we suggest bringing cash as a backup.

What size bag can I bring?   

Patron safety measures implemented nationally for major events mean that no bags/ backpacks larger than A4 will be allowed into the festival. You will be permitted to bring bags A4 or smaller only into the festival. All bags will be searched upon entry.

Is there a cloakroom?

Yes, there will be an external, paid cloakroom service available outside the festival entry for $5 per item. All items will be searched before they are checked into the cloakroom.Please Note: If you choose to check your bag/personal items into the external cloakroom you will not be able to access them again for the duration of the festival or until you chose to leave the festival, so best to leave the big bags at home - bring a small bag smaller than A4 and carry all valuables and necessary items on your person.The cloakroom will close at 11.30pm sharp after the festival ends, please ensure you collect all your personal items before then.

Do I have to wear a wristband?

Yes, everyone at FOMO needs to wear their wristband at all times.

On entry to the festival, your ticket will be scanned and exchanged for a wristband. This wristband will act as proof of your ticket purchase, so you must wear it at all times.

Please note the wristband is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-replaceable – it becomes invalid if tampered with or broken.

Security will be checking wristbands, if you are found without a wristband or with a tampered wristband, you will be removed from the festival.

Will Pass Outs be available on the day?

There are NO PASS OUTS on the day. If you choose to leave the festival at any point, your wristband will be removed and you will not be admitted back in.
There will be more than enough food, drinks, amenities and of course, music to keep you going all day and night.

When do the festival gates open?

Gates open at 11.00am with the event finishing at 11.00pm

What happens if it rains on the day?

FOMO will go ahead in all-weather unless deemed unsafe.

Can I bring my own alcohol into the festival?

No. FOMO is a fully-licensed event and provides great, well-stocked bars, along with low-alcohol and non-alcoholic options.

Can I bring my own food into the festival?

No. Our FOMO Eats food trucks will be in attendance serving a variety of delicious street food and festival favourites. There are options to cater to all dietary requirements. If you must BYO food for medical purposes please register here.

Can I go barefoot?

Shoe wear is necessary - thongs and sandals are fine but we highly recommend enclosed footwear as it is a long day.

Where do I report any lost or found articles?

Found: Please take any found items to the gate.
Lost: If you misplace something please check with gate staff on the day as things will be turned in there. Alternatively, please email and we will do our very best to help you.

Does FOMO festival Sydney have assisted access & facilities?

Yes - FOMO is fully accessible. We encourage people with special needs to please get in touch with us prior to the event so we can provide any information required including issuing carers passes for those with a companion card. Email


Patron Safety is our number one priority at FOMO.

Will there be First Aid at the event?

EMS Medical compounds are located inside the front gate and in the right-hand corner of the crescent - to the right of the stage, and are manned by a team of doctors, paramedics and nurses.

You can call our Patron Safety Hotline if you see anyone struggling or needing medical, or Security’s help during the event on 0456 259 763

The friendly folk from Save-A-Mate also have three dedicated chillout areas where you can take a break if needed. These are located inside the front gate and at the top and bottom right hand side of the crescent.

If you or someone near you is feeling unwell at the festival please be proactive and alert our staff, security or the First Aid team – Patron safety and wellbeing is our number one priority at FOMO.

Can I bring my prescription medication?

FOMO and EMS Event Medical are committed to maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all persons on site and is very aware that a proportion of the festival audience have a requirement to bring prescribed medicines onto site.

Therefore, it is the general policy of Fomo Management to permit prescription medicines to be brought onto site through pedestrian gates. To gain entry to FOMO with special Dietary or Medical requirements, approval MUST be granted from FOMO and EMS Medical prior to entering the event.

Please complete the Dietary and Medical Entry Requirements Approval form here here stating what items are needed and what your dietary or medical condition is.

NOTE: Patrons without an approved form and accompanying medical or dietary documents will be unable to enter the event with food, drink or medicinal items.

To ensure that illicit or potentially dangerous substances are not brought onto site under the guise of legitimate medical need, the following measures are to be enforced.

  1. Advance information to patrons and crew.

If someone needs to bring prescription medicines onto site, they should consider this in advance and follow the steps set out below to assist security personnel to determine the medication is legitimately held.

  1. Patrons should:
  • Ensure the medicine is in its original container, with the pharmacy sticker and issued in the name of the ticket-holder i.e. DON’T peel the label off or carry someone else’s medication
  • Bring the official prescription counterfoil or a letter of explanation from a registered medical practitioner
  • Ensure the quantity carried is the minimal required for duration on site
  • NOT bring non-essential tablets such as vitamin supplements
  • Be prepared to be challenged at the Gate or in the Event but do not seek to conceal medication. Contact the Event in advance if the medication is vital to health and wellbeing to ensure that you remain safe and well.
  • Be aware that a pharmacy and prescription service is not available onsite
  1. SafeGuard Storage.

In some instances, safe storage of medication can be arranged through the onsite medical service (including temperature controlled storage). NO storage will be provided at the Gate. Patrons should contact in advance if this service is required. Fomo Management will offer a Receipt-and-Collect service via the on-site medical provider through SafeGuard.

  1. Confiscation.

Fomo Management reserves the right to refuse access to patrons carrying substances which cannot be confirmed as being bona fide prescribed medication. In such instances gate staff may require that medicines be surrendered at the gate or returned to a vehicle or similar.

  1. Appeal.

At each entry gate, there will be a designated security supervisor who will handle any complaints or appeals regarding the provenance or safety of medications carried by members of the public. This supervisor shall have access to qualified medical advice via Event Control.

Will there be free water?

Yes - there are several free water stations around the festival site. See the FOMO Map for locations.


We want you to have fun at FOMO, but we also want you to be safe.

FOMO has a zero-tolerance drug policy and condemns all illegal drug use. There will be a heavy police presence at the event, along with security and searches. If you are found with illicit substances, you will be handed over to the police.

FOMO has dedicated Medical Compounds located inside the front gate and in the bottom, right-hand corner of The Crescent. If you or your mates are feeling unwell, check in there.

We also have Save A Mate chill out areas next to the medical compounds if you need to take a break – no judgment – just some time out.

Keep an eye on each other and know where your friends are. If someone is in trouble, we implore you to visit a medical compound or chill out area before it’s too late. Don’t be afraid to get help.

If you can’t make it to one of our medical or chill out areas, grab a member of our security team or FOMO staff to help or you can call our patron safety hotline at any time on 0456 259 763.

Your safety is our number one priority, so take care of each other and be safe.



✔ Your ticket + Valid photo ID (that match)

✔ Sun protection

✔ Hat

✔ Positive Energy

✔ Cash (EFTPOS is available at most facilities but not all)

✔ Empty Plastic Reusable Water Bottle

✔ Portable phone chargers

✔ Backpacks under A4 size

Don’t bring

FOMO reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons carrying any of the items listed below.

The following restricted or prohibited items are not permitted by patrons into the event:

✘ Illicit drugs;

✘ BYO alcohol;

✘ Glass. No glass is allowed;

✘ Anything that may reasonably be considered a weapon, including potential missiles or studded belts;

✘ Professional photo or video equipment.

✘ Animals (other than registered guide dogs);

✘ Flares, fireworks or sparklers;

✘ Lasers or laser pointers;

✘ Professional recording or broadcast devices without the promoter’s permission;

✘ Flags with poles, large flags or banners that may obstruct the view of other patrons;

✘ Any item that you intend (or such quantities of the item from which management can reasonably infer that you intend) to distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale or display for marketing or promotional purposes;

✘ Any other items as determined by Security or Management that may cause injury or a public nuisance; and

✘ Sealed drink containers.




Terms & Conditions of Entry

FOMO reserves the right to refuse entry to patrons who do not comply or breach any of the following Terms & Conditions of Entry:

  • This event 18+;
  • No passouts will be permitted;
  • You must have a valid ticket or official event accreditation to enter the venue;
  • Patrons will be required to present photo ID as proof of age to receive an official event wristband and may be requested to show ID upon request within the event. Accepted ID includes NSW RMS Photo Card, (or interstate equivalent), NSW Photo Card (or interstate government issued equivalent), current Australian photo driver’s licence, current International Drivers Licence or a current passport.
  • Any person gaining unauthorized access to this event may be liable to prosecution;
  • Any person found not to be wearing an official event wristband will be ejected from the event;
  • Promoters and organisers reserve the right to search all persons and all personal possessions at the time of entry to the venue. Failure to comply will mean you will be prevented from entering the event;
  • This event is fully licensed. Alcohol sales are subject to Responsible Service of Alcohol Practices. We are prohibited by law from serving liquor to patrons under the age of 18 and intoxicated persons;
  • Activities such as ‘stage diving’, ‘moshing’, ‘climbing’ and ‘crowd surfing’ are strictly prohibited;
  • Persons causing a disturbance or refusing to comply with requests from Security will be ejected from the event;
  • The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry or eject patrons from the event at its sole discretion;
  • The promoter or venue shall not be held liable for loss, injury or damages sustained entering or at the event;
  • By entering this event site, you agree to be filmed or photographed which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes;
  • The promoter reserves the right to vary advertised programmes and to add, withdraw or substitute artists where necessary;
  • Sound at this event may reach levels that can damage your hearing; free earplugs are available from first aid;
  • Volume levels at all outdoor events vary depending on many factors such as EPA noise restrictions and may or may not be as loud as an indoor event;
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking areas;
  • Any person bearing or wearing gang colours, patches or insignias are not permitted entry to the event.
  • Anyone found to be breaking conditions of entry inside or outside the event or any behaviour deemed to be antisocial will be refused entry and/or ejected from the site without refund.
  • By using our medical facilities, you consent to the promoter having access to your medical records
  • By entering you may be photographed or filmed.

What kind of cameras and recording devices can I bring with me?

No professional cameras (read: cameras with detachable lenses) are permitted without formal media accreditation.

Likewise, no audio or film recording equipment (including GoPros) can be brought into the Festival.

Can I bring a vape?

Yes, however you cannot bring any rechargeable fluids / cartridges


Please direct all media enquiries to


Is it possible to volunteer at the festival?

Yes! Click here to apply


Where are the FOMO festival Sydney Map and Set Times?

Set times have been released here and Maps have been released here, but are subject to change without notice. Please sign up to our mailing list and you'll be the first to know.


Can I submit my band/artist to perform at FOMO festival Sydney?
Sorry! We’ve hand-selected each artist playing this year already and don’t take submissions.


If you have been unable to find what you need and need further help, please send an email to

We endeavour to respond to help requests within 24 hours or the next working day.