Adelaide Resale FAQ

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I don’t want to miss out on FOMO! How do I buy a ticket on Tixel Resale?

You can go to or to choose the FOMO show you want to buy tickets for.  If tickets are available, you can simply buy them using a credit card. If there are no tickets available, you can sign up to the waitlist and get notified when tickets become available.

Is buying a ticket with Tixel safe?

Yes of course! We are working with the event organiser to cancel tickets that have been sold and reissue new tickets to buyers with the correct names. For these events Tixel can guarantee there will be no issues at the door. Buyers will receive a brand new ticket with their name on it in their eventbrite account.

Does it cost any extra when buying a ticket off Tixel?

In addition to the selling price we charge a small percentage service fee that will be added to your purchase (7.5% + $2). This fee gives you access to all our safety features that protect buyers. You will be notified of the fee on the confirmation page during your order.


I need to resell my ticket. How can I do this?

Go to and click “Sell my ticket” in the top right hand corner, then follow the prompts. You can drag in your original PDF ticket and we’ll automatically read all of the ticket details. You can then choose which pages you would like to sell.

Remember, you must list the original PDF E-ticket file that you downloaded directly from the primary ticketing agent. If the ticket has been modified, or split, it will not work.

How can I sell my tickets directly via Eventbrite?

Instead of uploading your PDF ticket, we can fetch the ticket directly out of your Eventbrite account. Simply login to your Eventbrite account and chose which tickets you want to sell. All tickets listed this way will achieve the 'Verified with Eventbrite' status. Read more

I didn’t end up selling my ticket through Tixel can I just use it and go to FOMO?

Yes, as long as you delete your listing from Tixel and the ticket has not been sold. It is very important to delete the ticket once you decide you are going to use it, because someone can buy your tickets last minute or even when the event has already started, and the buyer might not get into the event. You can delete or edit your listing through My tickets.

Can I use Tixel to sell tickets above cost price?

No, you can only sell your ticket for face value.

I put my ticket up for resale but I don’t want to sell it anymore. What do I do?

You can always edit and delete your active listings through the My Tickets menu. You can find this if you click on your profile avatar in the top right-hand corner. You can only delete your ticket listing before it has been sold.

How do I know that my ticket is sold?

Every time someone buys a ticket from you, you will receive an email and SMS from us notifying you of the sale. You can check the status of all your tickets in My Tickets at any time.

When do I get paid?

Funds will be released 1-2 working days after your ticket has been sold.

Please note: If you are a first time Tixel user, you will need to wait until your bank account is verified with our banking provider. This can sometimes take up to five calendar days. But don't worry - this verification only happens once so next time your payout will be much quicker.

Remember to update your bank details in the “My Payouts” dashboard when you sign up.

I put the wrong bank details in, how do I change it?

You should update your bank details in the “My Payouts” dashboard. You can access this by clicking on your profile avatar in the top right hand corner of the site. You can always change your banking details at any time.

I don’t want to sell my ticket, I want a name change instead. Can I do this?

Unfortunately people can get ripped off or scammed, there is no way to just transfer a name. We don’t encourage external sales as this is where fans can be ripped off.

We want to protect music fans, Tixel provides a facility where you can buy or sell tickets and they will reissue a new ticket in the new buyers name upon purchase.

If you have arranged to sell your ticket privately to a friend, you can list your ticket for sale and before the final confirmation (in step 4), select the 'private listing' option. You can then send the unique link to the private listing to your buyer.

My tickets aren’t in my Eventbrite account when I log in through Tixel.

You must verify the tickets with Eventbrite account that was used to make the original order. Please review which email you used to place the order and make sure you have connected that eventbrite account to your Tixel account.

You may have made a typo in your original order or be using an old email address.

If you navigate to 'personal details' and disconnect eventbrite, you can reconnect to using the correct account. If you are still having issues, contact Tixel.

Does my ID need to match the name on my ticket?


If I have a question, who can I speak to?

You can speak to someone by following this link They’ll be able to help you further.